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API Integration Write for Us

API Integration connects two or more applications or systems using APIs to exchange data and perform movements. APIs are sets of protocols and standards that allow different software requests to communicate with each other.

Two or more systems with APIs can interoperate in real-time using those APIs, which saves time, money, and is far more reliable regarding information currency and data accuracy.

What is an API integration?

An API integration is an integration that relies on an API for either input or output. While integrations can exist without APIs, scaling issues make this non-API pattern increasingly less common. As a result, most integrations work with an API on at least one end of the integration.

What are the Types of API Integration?

API integrations can vary widely based on the type of API and the architectures commonly used for transferring data. Also, whether the integration is query-based (pull) or event/webhook-driven (push). Finally, we might think of API integrations in terms of direction: one-way export, one-way import, or two-way.

You can combine these types, architectures, and directions to make API integrations. For example, you might have a public API with the REST architecture supporting a one-way data export via webhooks. Another example might be a partner API supporting a two-way data exchange with the SOAP architecture. Also, organizations set up APIs in ways that can vary tremendously from one to the next, adding further complexity to API integrations.

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Why Write for Techies Times API Integration? Write for Us? 

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