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Facility Management Write for us

Facilities management is defined as the tools and facilities that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, substructures, and real estate. Facilities management includes Lease management, including lease administration and accounting. Capital project planning and management.

A role commonly confused with a facility manager is a property manager, and it’s easy to understand why. This confusion primarily lies in commercial real estate, where property owners and organizations are different entities. This is not applicable in owner-occupied facilities.

Facility Management Write for us.

The Main Functions of FM

The broad scope of facilities organization makes it a difficult position to define. Where a Sales Manager is directly answerable for managing salespeople’s performance, facilities management functions go far beyond “managing facilities.” As a result, it’s often difficult for businesses to maximize the advantages of a suitable facility boss.

But what is the importance of facilities running? To honestly know what facility manager does, what they’re accountable for, and what effect they have on a company, it’s best to break down their choice of work. That means looking closely at the four main pillars of services management: People, processes, the building, and technology.

What is Facility Running?

Facility or facilities management (FM) is an occupation dedicated to backup people. It ensures the functionality, ease, safety, sustainability, and efficacy of the built setting – the buildings we live and work in and their surrounding structure.

Facility Management is an executive function that integrates people, places,s and processes within the built environment to improve people’s quality of life and the productivity of the core business.

This combination of job responsibilities supports the operations of each organization to create an environment where the systems work together seamlessly, from the parking lot to the executive suite. Facility managers ensure we have the safest and best experience possible by coordinating the processes that make the built environment succeed.

Facility Management Write for us.

What do Facility Managers do?

Whether the space is a factory, office, hospital, shopping mall, airport, museum, or stadium, someone ensures the building and all its components work properly. That person is a facility manager. Facility managers (FMs) ensure systems in the built situation work together as they should, that buildings fulfill their intended purposes, and that personnel is healthy and productive.

Facility managers have many different titles and career paths. They often aren’t called facility managers even though they are responsible for aspects of facility management, including planning, evaluating, and maintaining building systems. Facility managers hold a variety of roles, including:

  • Building operations like cleaning, security, maintenance, and grounds management
  • Return-to-work processes and policies
  • Emergency and disaster mitigation and response
  • Sustainability planning
  • Project management and budgeting
  • Real estate management and space planning
  • Business continuity planning

Facilities Management Functions

The title of facilities manager can mean various things depending on the size of an organization and what industry they serve. People with different job titles can also fulfill their job responsibilities. The easiest way to understand the role of a facilities manager is to break down the facility management services into two categories, complex services and soft services.

However, a property and facility manager will be present in those commercial real estate situations. The critical difference is that the property owner (landlord) employs the property manager, while the facility manager uses by the residing organization (tenant). Property managers oversee everything to do with the commercial buildings themselves.

Facilities Management Functions

Putting it all together for facilities management

Facility managers support workers directly and indirectly. They establish processes for order and organization. They’re charged with the upkeep and improvement of the facilities themselves. They create complex additions to leverage data for success.

When you combine these four functions, they paint a picture of what facility managers do. Their focus is optimizing the workplace to support every aspect of the business. But more profoundly, it’s about giving the company a steady foundation for success.

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