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Google Pyramid Launch – Development, Adjustment, and More

Google Pyramid Launch

Google Pyramid Launch: The pyramid is a binary distribution of Linux for use on embedded x86 platforms. It primarily focuses on wireless applications.

Through, people have found many great uses for it. We primarily develop and test Pyramid for Metrix Kits, but it also works fine on other x86-based hardware.

Who maintains the pyramid?

  • The pyramid was created at’>Metrix Communication LLC, and it’s still there, but the plan has always been to add more people to the Pyramid team to move the operating system forward. The goal has always been to make
  • Pyramid as flexible as possible while still operating within the limitations of its target hardware.
  • We hope that by moving the code and wiki to Google Code, we can speed up some things and avoid the hassle of hosting it ourselves.

Are they supporting the development of the pyramid?

An easy way to support Pyramid is to choose to purchase gear from Metrix. Also, if there is hardware that you want to support in Pyramid, donating that hardware to the project will help get support in Pyramid.

And ensure that it is tested from version to version. We have a lot of stuff, but we don’t have all the weird cards released every couple of months.


  • QA and testing are an important part of release management, and we have a very little formal framework for this, so all releases up to this point have been considered BETA.
  • We would appreciate it if you were interested in helping us build a test framework.

Mailing lists

  • We moved our mailing lists into a single google group, and old archives from 2006 to 2008 have not been lost but are no longer online (Dingo ate my postman!)
  • If someone shows interest, you will surely be able to reconnect.
  • This wiki here (now at Google code) is intended to be Pyramid’s main documentation source. If you are a Pyramid user or developer, you are encouraged to use this wiki to document your work and share it with others.

Google App Engine Standard and Pyramid

  • However, it is possible to run a Pyramid application on Google App Engine. And also, this tutorial is written in terms of using the command line on a UNIX system. \
  • However, it should be possible to perform similar actions on a Windows system. This tutorial also assumes that you have already installed and created a Pyramid application and that you have a Google App Engine account.


First, we’ll need to create some files so that App Engine can communicate with our project properly.
Create the files with content as follows.

  • requirements.txt
  • application. yaml

Configure this file with the following values:

  • Replace “application-id” with your App Engine application ID.
  • Replace “version” with the version you want to deploy.
  • Replace “pyramid_project” in the static_dir definition with the name of the parent directory of your static assets.
  • For example, if your static assets are in the root directory, you can just put “static.”

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