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Launch DB – Information and More

Launch DB

Launch DB: The Dragon Ball Legends is an action-adventure game based on the popular Dragon Ball manga and anime series.

It is a gacha-based role-playing game developed and published by Dimps and Bandai Namco.

Players must form a team of six fighters in the game to win the battles. All soldiers have unique abilities that help win wars.

A former Saiyan named Shallot is the main protagonist of the game. Unfortunately, shallot has lost her memory. He and his teammates have to fight enemies to get his memory back and save the world.

Where did Launch mysteriously disappear in Dragon Ball Z?

The situation can be strange and confusing when a character quickly disappears from a series, particularly in an anime or manga, anywhere the writer doesn’t need to worry about the actors quitting for a more significant role or demanding a raise.

And yet, that is precisely what happened with Launch in Dragon Ball. Creation of his debut in the original Dragon Ball anime series, Launch has two distinct personalities:

A sweet, innocent young woman with blue hair and a blond armed criminal with anger management issues. Launch switches between these two personas every time he sneezes, offering a unique and exciting dynamic for a supporting character in an anime series.

The release comes as young Goku and Krillin are sent on a mission to find a bride for Master Roshi, a story that hasn’t aged particularly well.

The budding warriors take Launch to Roshi Island, and from then on, she becomes a part of the Dragon Ball gang.

Though never an integral part of the plot, Launch was an ever-present supporting character throughout most of Dragon Ball. Her erratic personality is often a reliable source of comic relief.

More Info:

  • Unfluctuating in Dragon Ball Z, Launch db continues to appear, albeit in a less prominent capacity. It was developing a crush on Tien (a more age-appropriate partner of his, no doubt).
  • The launch begins to adore the three-eyed fighter Z. It is seen drinking in a bar after Tien is killed in battle against the Saiyans.
  • Strangely though, Launch is never seen again in flashbacks. Of course, the audience might assume that she moved on from the Z gang after Tien’s death.
  • Nonetheless, it’s still unusual for a long-running character to be written out of Dragon Ball without a clear explanation.
  • However, in a 2013 interview with Mandō Kobayashi, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama was asked about Launch’s absence after the Saiyan Saga and confessed that he forgot about the character.
  • Toriyama says that when Launch thought of her again, he had entered the Super Saiyan transformation, and her fiery blonde hair was too similar to Launch’s gimmick to reintroduce her.
  • Luckily, Toriyama didn’t abandon Launch. However, in an anime-only scene, Launch offers her energy to Goku’s spirit bomb, which helps Buu defeat in the final saga of Dragon Ball Z. Two years after Buu’s defeat, Launch also appears! Me!
  • Special Son Goku and his Friends Return as if she had never left. Unfortunately, though this short film is considered part of the Dragon Ball canon.
  • Launch’s return is short-lived as she is again absent from Dragon Ball Super and the modern series of movie releases.

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