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Kalyon Cleaner – Ultimate Solution and More

Kalyon Cleaner

Kalyon Cleaner: The water-repellent and antistatic properties of Kalyon Silicone Cleaner’s advanced formula coat the surface like a film, removing surface water and delaying recontamination and dusting.

How to clean the shower cabin in 5 minutes?

Spray the Kalyon Bath product, which provides a practical and permanent cleaning, in your shower cabin and rub the lime stains with the help of a cloth. Formerly rinse with water and dry with a towel. That is all!

For a cleaner sink:

  • Using a versatile and effective cleaner like Kalyon Kitchen Cleaner to clean your sink regularly daily can make your job much easier.

What way to clean wooden kitchen cabinets?

  • You can choose Kalyon pine-scented wood cleaner, specially developed for wooden surfaces.
  • Subsequently, removing excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth will prevent the wood from being damaged by water.

How is the mirror best cleaned?

  • One of the most effective methods for cleaning mirrors is to use Kalyon silicone glass cleaner.
  • If you spray glass cleaner on the mirror and wipe it with a dry cloth until dehumidified, your mirror will be clean and shiny.

How to open a blocked sink?

  • With its extra potent formula, easily soluble in water, Kalyon Sink Plunger cleans all your sinks. It drains quickly and effortlessly, even if they are entirely clogging and full of water.
  • You can instantly get the clean you expect by pouring the Kalyon sink opener down your dry drain.

The ultimate solution to bathroom odor:

  • You can bring the sea breeze into your bathroom with the Kalyon lavatory block, which provides a hygienic clean in your toilet with every flush.
  • Provides a hygienic clean in your toilet with its firm foam.


  • Kalyon Cleaner with Silicone prevents the rapid formation of dirt on surfaces and extends the duration of the sanitization of your home.
  • You can use Kalyon silicone cleaner on faucets, shower stalls, tiles, glass and mirrors, kitchens, ovens, countertops, refrigerators, toilets, and bathtubs.

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