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Quantum Computing Write for us

Quantum Computing will complement rather than replace our conventional technologies. Indeed, quantum computing is vastly different from classical computing. Quantum physicist Shohini Ghose of Wilfrid Laurier University has likened the difference between quantum and classical computing to light bulbs and candles: “The light bulb isn’t just a better candle; it’s something completely different.”

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is a rapidly-emerging technology that attaches the laws of quantum procedure to solve problems too complex for classical computers.

Quantum hardware — a tool experts only began to imagine three periods ago — is available to hundreds of thousands of developers. Our engineers deliver ever-more-powerful superconducting quantum processors regularly, alongside crucial advances in software and quantum-classical orchestration. This work drives toward the quantum computing speed and capacity needed to change the world.

These machines are very different from the traditional computers that have existed for over half a century. Here’s a reader on this transformative technology.

Why do we need Quantum Computers?

When scientists and engineers encounter complex glitches, they turn to supercomputers. These are large classical computers, often with thousands of classical CPU and GPU cores capable of running extensive calculations and advanced artificial intelligence. However, even supercomputers are binary code-based machines reliant on 20th-century transistor technology. They struggle to solve certain kinds of problems.

If a supercomputer gets stumped, that’s probably because the big classical machine asks to solve a problem with a high degree of complexity. When classical computers fail, it’s often due to complexity.

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