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Secret Apps that look like Games – Best 7 Games Apps

Secret Apps that look like Games

Secret Apps that look like Games: You are looking for some secret entertainment apps that look like games but are hidden messaging apps. To point out clearly, these applications are very few.

Hide My Text

  • With a 4.0 rating, 10,000+ downloads, and 100+ reviews, Hide My Text is the best app that looks like a game but is a secret vault to hide messages.
  • The app helps users convert their notes into an encrypted scrambled format that becomes unreadable to others.

Stealth Chat

  • Number two on my list of the best secret apps that look like games is Stealth Chat. With a rating of 3.9 and 746 reviews on Playstore, this app claims to be a very secure calling and messaging app.
  • Stealth Chat says that it does not save any information about chats, media, contacts and likes from its servers.

Ninja messages

  • A fancy game-like logo with a cool name, Ninja Messaging is a nice secret messaging app that automatically removes all chats from its interface.
  • The app has a 3.2 rating on Playstore and 81 reviews. The app also has a built-in lock app feature.


  • With a 3K rating and 4.4 reviews on Playstore, TextU hides messages and provides a top-notch privacy feature that prevents someone from taking a screenshot of hidden messages.
  • The app also allows users to manage the notification by selecting a different notification tone for the app.

Calculator Pro+

  • Calculator Pro+ is the stealthiest secret app that looks like a calculator but behind it is a hidden vault where you can store your secret message and other media files.
  • Also, it looks like a calculator, but it also works like one, so it serves both purposes.

NetSfere Secure Messaging

  • Rated 4.5 on the app store, NefSferene Secure Messaging is a highly secure cloud messaging service. The app is made for businesses and promises compliance, control, and collaboration.

Secret Messenger

  • Secret Messenger stands out for the rating of 5.0 and 1.6K reviews. Why do we say this because? It is a secret messaging app that encrypts messages.
  • You want to keep things intact with your loved one, this app is your second home.

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