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Woogadgets – Cash on Delivery, Social Media, and More


Woogadgets: site has been in the online shopping world since 10th August 2014, and it will shut down this year.
However, it seems that this gadget store is a scam as it has no online reviews, and it also appears that no customer has bought gadgets in this gadget shop yet.

Information shop 

Now, there are a lot of online shopping trends, people want to shop at home, so many online shopping stores are opening daily. Some of these are correct, but others are made to trick people and plunder their money.

Due to time constraints and market rush, people are moving towards more online shopping. As a result, people get many facilities and deals in online shopping.

But before buying in any new online shopping store, customers should pay attention to some basic things.

It makes everyone doubt whether it is a reliable gadget store. But unfortunately, nothing ends up a suitable site that will clear everyone’s doubts about the site.

Who owns has various reasonably priced jewellery, equipment, and tools.

  • The woogadgets calling number is also owned by another company.
  • Woogadgets social account links are not working.
  • Woogadgets do not have any locations.
  • This store has mentioned that they have over 1000 happy customers, but the customer review area is also empty.
  • The woogadgets interface is not well maintained.
  • Woogadgets return and refund policy are questionable.
  • Woogadgets payment option is not reliable.
  • Woogadgets with name review or scam is not showing any results online.

Website domain and URL / check very carefully

  • Look at the website URL carefully because most scam website builders make their website the domain of a branded website. And people fall into the trap by this mistake.

Who is information of the website / provided or not provided

  • If the owner of the website and the company are providing their complete information, then they are good, and if they are not, it means that they want to hide, which raises some doubt.
  • Click here for information about the website or company: Enter the website’s domain in this link and then see all the information.

Age of the domain of the website/age of this website

  • The website’s generation is critical. Always check if this website is very new or old. The new website is not trustworthy until it becomes very famous.

Https secure or not

  • Make sure the connection to the website is secure or not, because if you make a payment with the card, then a secure connection is very beneficial for that.

Social Media Pages

  • Social media is the biggest advertising platform for any e-commerce business. So the most popular websites use it. But the short-term website builder doesn’t want to work that hard.

Cash on delivery/Payment gateway

  • Cash on delivery is a decent payment option for any new online store, but most websites do not offer this payment option. And people get angry after paying with their card and Payal.

Real/Paid or Fake Customer Reviews

  • Real or fake customer reviews are always different, genuine reviews can be good or bad experiences, but fake reviews are always good.

Limits of discounts and offers

  • The discounts and offers have a limit, unlimited, and they seem to be very cheap offers/discounts that are always suspicious.

Product Descriptions/Ratings and Reviews

  • Check the rating and reviews of the products before you buy them.

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