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Capatee Dresses – Prices, Returns, and More

Capatee Dresses

Capatee Dresses: The E-commerce and online shopping are becoming more popular with each passing day.

With online stores popping up on every corner, it’s more important than ever to know which ones are legit and which may be scams.

Perceptive the details of these stores is very important to determine whether or not they are trustworthy enough to purchase.

What is Capatee?

  • Capatee is an online store that caters primarily to women. They sell a wide range of items for different times of the year, such as dresses, casual wear, and tops.
  • This brand claims to offer customers high-quality products at very reasonable prices worldwide.
  • To add to this, according to their website, Capatee also focuses on treating their workers well by giving them living wages.
  • This brand claims it only works with other brands and designers that provide fair treatment and payment to their employees.
  • Furthermore, this brand also claims to donate a small part of its annual income to charities worldwide to eradicate poverty.

What do they sell?

One way to determine if a company is legitimate is to check the age of its domain. The older the environment, the more likely it is to be an established and reputable company.

  • Using the domain age verification tool, we discovered that the domain for Capatee was created 1 year and 14 days ago.
  • While that’s not a long time for a website to exist, it’s also older. That is the era of dominance for most scams so we can give this dress brand the benefit of the doubt in this regard,
  • Established businesses always try to maintain at least some social media presence. For example, Capatee dress has a Facebook page and an Instagram page. It reflects well the legitimacy of the Capatee.
  • Also, Capatee has a high trust score on, 90/100. It means that the probability of this brand being a scam is extremely low.
  • Additionally, Capatee has excellent reviews on, with 4.1 stars. Most customers have left positive comments about their shopping experience with this brand.
  • Another sign that builds trust in Capatee is that they have provided extensive contact information on their website. It comprises a phone number, email address, and physical location.
  • Finally, Capatee has a valid HTTPS and has not yet been delisted by any search engine. So, Capatee seems like a legitimate business, not a scam.

What are the prices for Capatee’s dresses?

  • Capatee dresses are mostly in the $30-50 price range.
  • While this is somewhat expensive compared to other cheap retailers, Capatee also regularly offers deep discounts on their products, so the price can be reduced quite a bit.

Does Capatee accept returns or offer refunds?

  • The Capatee accepts returns of its products within 30 days of delivery. Though, in order for your return to be accepted, you must contact Capatees customer service for a contact service authorization.
  • Resistant of purchase must also be shown in order for your products to be eligible for returns. Also, the original packaging must be intact and the product must not be damaged or used in any way.

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