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Artificial Intelligence

Essay on Artificial Intelligence – Importance and Advantages

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Essay on Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence prefers to the intelligence of machines. It contrasts with the natural intelligence of humans and animals.

With Artificial Intelligence, machines perform learning, planning, reasoning, and problem-solving functions. In particular, artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence by machines.

It is probably the fastest growing development in technology and innovation. Furthermore, many experts believe that AI could solve great challenges and crises.

Importance and advantages of artificial intelligence

Advances in computing and digital technologies have a direct influence on our lives, business and social life. This has influenced our daily routines, such as the use of mobile devices and active participation in social networks.

  • AI systems are the most influential digital technologies. With artificial intelligence systems, companies can handle large data sets and quickly provide essential information for operations.
  • In addition, companies are able to adapt to constant changes and are increasingly flexible.
  • By introducing Artificial Intelligence systems on devices, new business processes are opting for the automated process.
  • A new paradigm is emerging as a result of such intelligent automation, which now dictates not only how businesses operate but also who does the work.
  • Many manufacturing sites can now operate fully automated with robots and without human workers.
  • Artificial intelligence is now bringing unprecedented and unexpected innovations to the business world that many organizations will need to integrate to stay competitive and move further to lead the competition.
  • The Artificial intelligence shapes our lives and social interactions through technological advancement.
  • There are many AI applications that are developed specifically to provide better services to people, such as mobile phones, electronic devices, social media platforms, etc.
  • We are delegating our activities through smart applications like personal assistants, smart wearable devices and others. applications The artificial intelligence systems that run appliances help us cook or clean at home.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

Type 1: Reactive Machines: These machines can react to situations. A famous example may be Deep Blue, the IBM chess program. In particular, the chess program won against Garry Kasparov, the popular chess legend. Also, such machines lack memory. These machines certainly can’t use past experiences to inform future ones. Analyze all the possible alternatives and choose the best one.

Type 2 – Limited Memory – However, these AI systems are capable of using past experiences to inform future ones. A good example can be autonomous cars. Such cars have decision-making systems. Here the car performs actions such as changing lanes. In particular, these actions come from the observations. And also, there is no permanent storage of these observations.

Type 3: Theory of Mind: refers to understanding others. Above all, this means understanding that others have their beliefs, intentions, desires, and opinions. Through, this type of AI does not yet exist.

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