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Fl Key 37 – Essential Controls and More

Hi, I hope you are doing well. The FL Key 37 is a 37-key MIDI keyboard controller designed specifically for FL Studio. It has semi-weighted keys, velocity-sensitive pads, 8 assignable knobs, and essential transport controls. It also features Scale and Chord modes, which can help you play more creatively and easily.

The FL Key 37 is a compact, portable keyboard that is easy to take wherever you go. It is also affordable, making it a great option for budget-minded musicians. However, if you are looking for a keyboard with more features, such as aftertouch, pitch bend, and modulation wheels, you may consider a different option.

Fl Key 37

Fl key Mini and Fl key 37 midi controllers built specifically for fl studio. We’ll look at the build quality, features, and some of the included software.

But what makes these keyboards unique is that they both take advantage of their uniqueness.

Workflow of fl studio so you can use them as sequencers to control the

Channel rack mixer and use them as a daw controller as much as just a midi keyboard, so there are loads to get to

Choose your size

The keyboards come in two sizes, so you have the 25-key fl key mini or the fl key 37.

  • That’s about two octaves worth of keys. You have 16 touch-sensitive pads, eight rotary encoders, and daw transport controls.
  • And touch-sensitive pitch and mod controllers. The other option is the 37 key fl key 37, so that’s about three octaves of keys this time, full-size keys.
  • The exact number of pads and encoders has a few more transport controls, a screen for daw feedback, and instead of those touch strips, this time, the feature wheels with a very smooth action.
  • Both are USB midi keyboards that can be used with both mac and pc, and they also feature midi outs and the ability to use a sustain pedal.
  • Which is what I prefer to do when playing the keys. They both also come with a six-month free.

Essential controls of fl key 37

Fl Key 37

Key 37 now precisely, we want to look start at this keyboard, so if I put it back.

  • In instrument mode, I’m going to perform using the included addictive Keys piano is a piano plugin.
  • They included it with these keyboards because, in my opinion, it’s the most realistic and expressive piano plugin.
  • Keyboard, so they’re pretty responsive and springy. Still, they have enough weight that if you want to play something like a piano, it suits it well, so it’s excellent for fast melodies and synthesizers.
  • It’ll keep up with that playing, but it’s also soft and smooth enough that if you want to play the piano, it suits it quite nicely.
  • Both keyboards feature that scale mode I mentioned earlier, where you can lock the keys or pads to a scale of your choice hedding. Fl key 37 also features an advanced one.
  • Chord mode, where the pads can trigger full chords, is beneficial when performing something. What makes these keyboards unique is just how easy they are to use.
  • Everything is laid out and labeled well, So there’s no need to dive through a manual it’s very much a plug-and-play device, and that’s something I want to stress, although, in this video.
  • I might be going through mode after mode to try and show you the features when you use it everything feels fluid.


  • Fl key 37 has a small screen, but you’re not going to use this too. You know, dive through settings and modes.
  • It really just gives you some feedback about the way you’re using maybe the scale or chord you have selected, and that’s it. The rest of the device is very much a tactile and creative experience.

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