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Vehicle Fleet – Management, Insurance Coverage, and More

Vehicle Fleet

Vehicle Fleet: Does your company need a company vehicle for deliveries, trips to client offices, transportation equipment, and more?

Whether ordering or leasing a vehicle is more advantageous to you depends on a variety of factors. And if you need multiple cars or vans for salespeople or delivery people, you may be eligible for fleet leasing programs that can save you a lot of money.


  • Here leasing a small fleet of cars, minivans or trucks is easier and cheaper than ever.
  • Businesses that purchase or lease 10 or more vehicles qualify as commercial fleet buyers and receive a fleet registration number (obtained through the dealer).
  • Entitling them to all available manufacturer and dealer fleet incentive programs.
  • Though manufacturers have always offered attractive discount programs to commercial fleet buyers, there have rarely been such programs for the lessor of small fleets requiring fewer than 10 cars.
  • Today, however, many distributors are beginning to offer their programs to business owners and will work with you to get your business.
  • Trendy fact, some dealers can get you a fleet registration number even if you rent just a few cars.

What Is Vehicle Fleet Management?

Vehicle fleet management is the process of overseeing all fleet maintenance and fleet operations to help increase business efficiency and minimize risk. Any business that uses commercial vehicles daily should employ fleet management.

The fleet managers are hired to be in charge of all facets of fleet activities. It includes:

  • driver management
  • vehicle maintenance
  • negotiation with suppliers
  • route planning
  • asset utilization
  • manage fuel costs
  • monitor fuel consumption
  • waste reduction
  • increase company productivity
  • Fleet managers and operators also use vehicle fleet management software to help run their
  • operations more efficiently and meet the ELD mandate.

Higher insurance coverage

  • Roughly dealers require you to increase your insurance coverage since they, not you, own the rental vehicles.
  • So shop around before ordering your fleet because insurance can cost money.
  • For example, a business owner can probably get an umbrella policy that covers her business and fleet.

Overextend your hard-earned money

Here six shiny new vehicles in your company parking lot may boost your ego, but do you need them?

  • The thing is easy to get carried away when ordering a fleet, so ensure you carefully consider your needs before signing on the dotted line.

Forget asking about mileage limits

  • These can vary drastically and can cost you 15-20 cents for each mile over the limit. If it covers 50,000 miles a year, it’s worth buying instead of leasing.

Don’t compare the purchase price with the lease price

  • Dealers may have vehicles on the lot that they’re itching to get rid of and will give you a special deal if you buy instead of lease.
  • Ask the fleet manager to calculate the buy vs. lease figures so you can see the difference, and always get it in writing.

Put too much money

  • Don’t be fooled by a higher-than-usual down payment: the first month’s payment, a small deposit, and license fees.

You forget state taxes

  • Although some states, like Nevada and Texas, have no state taxes, others, like California, have high registration fees and taxes, which must be paid upfront when renting a car.

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