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Syska Owner – Company Diversifies, and More

Syska Owner

The Rs 1,200 crore Syska Owner has dramatically risen thanks to its strong dealer network and online strategy.

Used for a company that has now become synonymous with electrical accessories, you’d be surprised if Syska changed its tune some 30 years ago.

How does the company diversify?

  • Started as Shree Sant Kripa Appliances Pvt. Ltd (SSK Group) in 1989, engaged in distributing T-series audio cassettes, CDs, and audio-video systems.
  • Ongoing by brothers Rajesh and Govind Uttamchandani, the Syska Group today will be a Rs 1.2 billion company, of which 70 percent comes from Syska LED, 20 percent comes from Syska fixtures, and 10 percent from other segments.
  • Rajesh Uttamchandani, director of Syska Group, told you: “It’s not an electric company either, you’re OK, challenges and raises before, you’re not coming where you won’t be here.
  • ” The Group has become a national leader and has diversified into Syska LED, Syska personal care, Syska mobile accessories, and Syska Wires.

Rajesh speaks in the next two to three years. After that, they plan to go public:

  • The second-generation leaders Gurumukh Uttamchandani and Gitika Uttamchandani, children of Rajesh Uttamchandani, have joined the family business and handle an extensive portfolio of Syska personal care products and Syska mobile accessories.
  • The group gained mainstream attention following their successful celebrity endorsement media campaign for their LED segment.
  • In addition to Bollywood actors Irfan Khan and Amitabh Bachchan (who were hired as brand ambassadors for Syska Wires), Syska has also signed TV actors who make the group a household name.
  • Nonetheless, that is only part of the story. What fueled Syska’s growth is its reliable, growth-oriented, high-performance distribution network.
  • And that’s where the group hit the mark. Of course, for any consumer-oriented company, discovering the complicated distribution channel is the most challenging task. But for Syska, it was her core competency, as Rajesh tells us.
  • In a talk, Rajesh Uttamchandani shares the group’s journey through their early years.

What was the digital marketing strategy?

  • So we got an idea from Amazon India to launch our care products online. Here at that time, Philips had the majority of the market share.
  • They told us that our brand had good recall value. However, on Amazon, our hair dryer is number one now.
  • Just like OnePlus phones, we also launch exclusively with Amazon and Flipkart. The first year we earned 50 million rupees and this year we earned 150 million rupees. Now, we have also disconnected.
  • Here we are also using digital to connect with the dealer network. With our advanced CMS, we know the position of the stock with our distributors and information such as which stock moves the most, and we act accordingly.

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