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Roland Go Mixer Pro – Performance Videos, and Livestream

Roland Go Mixer Pro

Roland GO MIXER PRO delivers an ultra-clean stereo signal without the background noise that can ruin a perfect take.

Livestream Your Performance

  • Live streaming has become incredibly popular and easily accessible thanks to smartphones and social media.
  • But if your stream involves musical instruments, you need high-quality sound. However, you fast run into the limitations of your smartphone’s built-in microphone.
  • The GO MIXER PRO has multiple inputs for a great-sounding, well-balanced mix, and its battery operation takes the strain off your smartphone so you can stream live longer.
  • Reliant on conditions, GO MIXER PRO can run for more than four hours on just four AAA batteries.

EDM/DJ Performance Videos

Talented EDM and DJ music videos often include stunning visuals and scene changes that sync to the beat.

With Roland’s Beat Sync Maker for iOS, you can quickly bring these advanced production techniques to video on your smartphone.

The app automatically detects the beats of your performance and adds all sorts of cool video effects that stay in perfect tune with the music.

Tablet or Smartphones:

  • If you comprise or produce original songs using a smartphone or tablet, GO MIXER PRO is an ideal partner.
  • Once used with music production apps like Apple Garage Band, you can record your vocal parts while listening to the backing track on your device.
  • If you disable the Loopback feature, only your vocal part will be recorded, and your device’s background audio will act as a guide track.

Professional Edge

Unknown you’re a vocalist, GO MIXER PRO makes it easy to create slideshow videos as you sing along with your favorite songs on your smartphone.

Here the Center Cancel function reduces the lead vocal volume in any music you play*.

You are leaving room for your voice to take center stage. You can even connect a professional-grade electret condenser microphone** for studio-quality vocal recordings.

Sound like you mean it:

  • It sounds like you’re serious.
  • While audiences will tolerate so-so video quality, they will turn off instantly if the sound is poor. Here you put a lot of effort into your work, so don’t screw it up with poor audio.
  • Use your phone/tablet for its excellent video capabilities, and let GO MIXER PRO-X take care of high-quality audio mixing tasks.
  • No matter what kind of content you produce, GO MIXER PRO-X lets you show off your creativity in all its glory.

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