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Autonomous Vehicles Write for Us


Autonomous vehicles are a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and operating without human involvement. A human passenger is not required to take control of the vehicle at any time, nor is a human passenger necessary to be in the vehicle. An autonomous car can go anywhere a traditional car goes and do everything an experienced human driver does.

Autonomous vs. Automated vs. Self-Driving: What’s the Difference?

The SAE uses the term automated instead of autonomous. One reason is that the word autonomy has implications beyond the electromechanical. A fully autonomous car would be self-aware and capable of making its own choices. For example, you say, “Drive me to work,” but the car takes you to the beach instead. A fully automated vehicle, however, would follow orders and then drive itself.

The term self-driving is often used interchangeably with autonomous. However, it’s a slightly different thing. A self-driving car can drive itself in some or even all situations, but a human passenger must always be present and ready to take control.

What Are the Benefits of Autonomous Cars?

The scenarios for convenience and quality-of-life improvements are limitless. The elderly and the physically disabled would have independence. If your kids were at summer camp and forgot their bathing suits and toothbrushes, the car could bring them the missing items. You could even send your dog to a veterinary appointment.

But the real promise of autonomous cars is the potential for dramatically lowering CO2 emissions. In a recent study, experts identified three trends that, if adopted concurrently, would unleash the full potential of autonomous cars: vehicle automation, vehicle electrification, and ridesharing.

Car Buyers are Highly Interested in AD Features

Consumers benefit from using AD systems in many ways, including more significant levels of safety; ease of operation for parking, merging, and other maneuvers; additional fuel savings because of the autonomous system’s ability to maintain optimal speeds; and more quality time. According to our research, consumers understand these benefits and continue to be highly willing to consider using AD features.

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