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iPhone 13 Pink – Issues, Recommendations, and More

iPhone 13 Pink

The iPhone 13 pink reportedly suffers from a pink screen issue, as highlighted in recent complaints.

Users of various iPhone 13 series units have taken to online platforms to say that their phones randomly get a pink screen and freeze completely, preventing them from performing any tasks.

What is the issue?

The issue has been reported multiple times on an Apple discussion board, some Reddit forums, and Weibo since the availability of the latest iPhones in September.

However, for now, it appears to be limited to the iPhone 13 series. In some cases, complaints range from those using the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 13 Pro and even the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Users say the problem causes their iPhone 13 unit to have a random pink screen. When it does, the phone cannot execute any commands and completely freezes. The only solution that seems to get it back to normal is to reboot the system.

The issue is being faced at random spots within the phone as some say they got triggered while searching for photos, while others noticed they were using GPS while the phone went utterly pink.

According to a report by MyDrivers, Apple has released an official statement regarding the pink screen issue in China.

However, with a slew of complaints coming from the country, Apple took to Chinese social media Weibo to acknowledge that the problem is not hardware related and, therefore, must be a software bug causing it.


  • As per of now, there are two recommendations for users experiencing the issue. The first is to ensure the system is updating to the latest version.
  • And also the other is to check if all the apps are up to date. Here the latter rules out the possibility of an incompatibility between the performances of an application and iOS.
  • Here users are still experiencing the issue. However, they are suggesting to visit their local Apple service center and get it diagnosing.
  • Most users on the Apple forum, as noted by 9to5Mac, report that people at the Apple service center are acknowledging the issue and replacing units experiencing the problem.
  • However, users note that the replacement units delivering to them, rather than being new, are refurbished or have faulty parts replacing.
  • Giving up a device for a month can affect a bit for most, although the problem seems to be solving in all the cases mentioned.


  • iPhone 13 users from around the world are reporting the pink screen issue.
  • The issue causes the phone to crash and can only be normalizing by restarting the phone.
  • Some Apple service centers have replaced faulty units upon recognizing the problem.

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