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Ceramic Apple Watch – The Watch, Conclusion, and More

Ceramic Apple Watch

Ceramic Apple Watch: The original Apple Watch Edition, released in 2015, was made in yellow or rose gold and cost $10,000 or more.

It was for people who stay in 6-star hotels, fly in cabins, wear haute couture, maybe just once, and would surely buy something as trendy as an Apple Watch, but only if it was gold.

It was also for the world of fashion and watchmaking, a substance to attract attention beyond silicon.

The Watch

  • Apple Watch Edition Series 2 is different. Apple Watch Nike+ is a variant of the standard anodized aluminum Apple Watch Series 2.
  • Apple Watch Hermès Series 2, a variant of the standard polished stainless steel. However, Apple Watch Edition Series 2 has its material ceramic.
  • Ceramic is not unusual for a watch. Ceramic watches have been for several decades, from IWC to Rado to Omega.
  • However, few have been as utterly ceramic as the Apple Watch Edition, which uses it for just about everything if it’s not sapphire crystal.
  • Ceramic is incredibly hard. Harder even than stainless steel. Combined with sapphire crystal, the new Apple Watch Edition is the most scratch, and scuff-resistant Apple has ever made.
  • However, there are different types of hardness. And, with ceramics, the concern has always been less about hardness and more about brittleness.
  • The almost clichéd image of a plate falling and breaking on kitchen tiles.
  • While Apple’s materials team worked to amplify the benefits of ceramic, they and the design team also worked to minimize the drawbacks.
  • That involved both the precise type of ceramic Apple used and the design, and especially the curves, of the case itself.

Apple Watch Series 2 + watchOS 3

Previously on iMore, Serenity Caldwell and I looked at the aluminum and stainless steel Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Hermes Series 2, Apple Watch Nike+, and watchOS 3. Instead of recapping the standard hardware and software features, I invite you to look at:

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Apple Watch Nike+ Review

  • Apple Watch Edition Series 2 comes with a white fluoroelastomer sport band, which is disappointing.
  • I understand that it’s probably the only way to pair whites close to a perfect match, but the Edition brand, for me at least, demands something more in the box.
  • For example, the similarly priced Apple Watch Hermes comes with an orange fluoroelastomer sport band and Hermes leather.


  • When Apple first announced the Watch Series 2, the edition was what it wanted to get. I like it when Apple experiments with new materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Some may only care about what it may or may not portend about future iPhones. But Apple Ceramic is an incredibly cool watch in the here and now.

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