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Workspace Write for us.

Google Workspace is Google’s new productivity toolkit. It brings all our favorite G Suite tools even closer together under a neat, tidy, and colorful umbrella. To understand what’s changed, we can look at the history of G Suite. It’s an update. It’s G Suite, repackaged, rebranded, and re-streamlined for your productivity needs.

Workspace Write for us

The world has changed. More than anything, our working lives have changed. We can’t troubleshoot by the water cooler, bump heads with an impromptu face-to-face brainstorm, or even pretend to enjoy those cupcakes Trevor from Accounting’s daughter made; we can’t go to work. Work is no longer going to work. Work is simply doing work.

In response, Google has looked at its existing tool to see how to make some digital offices for its users. Google Workspace develop to encourage effective collaboration, bringing teams closer together. When they’re not calm. Javier Soltero, Vice President and General Boss of Google Workspace, put it rather poetically…

What Is an Online Workspace?

An online workspace is a virtual environment where teams can collaborate, communicate, and manage their projects more efficiently, helping everyone keep track of and meet time-sensitive goals. These platforms streamline workflow in real-time, so changes made to the workspace by one person can be seen and interacted with by the rest of the team instantaneously.

Remote teams often need help to connect and successfully manage intersecting tasks. With members spread across different cultures and time zones, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent process. More so than mixed or in-person groups, remote teams are uniquely positioned to benefit from online workspaces to overcome their natural disadvantages.

Workspace Write for us

Key Features of Online Workspaces

On your journey to finding the right solution for your group, remember that many paid and accessible online workspaces are vying for your membership. While they may provide similar functions, many offer unique features that distinguish them from one another. Ultimately, you must compare these platforms to determine which solution provides you and your remote team with the best options. Here are some key features to look out for during your search:

Data security: Many online workspaces allow you to encrypt your data, ensuring only relevant parties with the proper permissions have access.

Goal alignment: This feature allows you to create and manage goals within your workspace, consistently improving your team’s ability to complete their work on time.

Project and task management: Managing competing deadlines becomes critical to your team’s success when there are multiple projects and tasks to track.

Real-time collaboration: Online workspaces should have powerful collaboration tools that allow teams across all departments to work synchronously with each other, no matter the time or place.

How Remote Teams Benefit From Online Workspaces

In many ways, collaborative online workspaces are often the glue that holds remote teams together. These digital platforms provide many useful features, allowing virtual teams to tailor and optimize their work experience in alignment with their unique needs. While no online workspace is a complete catch-all, here are some of the primary benefits you can expect from using one:

  • Promotes positive remote culture and camaraderie
  • Improves team and cross-department collaboration
  • Encourages strong communication between remote and hybrid teams
  • Supports business needs
  • Streamlines workflow processes
  • Increases productivity

How Remote Teams Benefit From Online Workspaces

FAQs About Online Workspace Solutions

What are online workspaces? 

Online workspaces are virtual environments that enable secure file sharing, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance workflow management. They serve as a central hub for effective team communication and collaboration.

How do I sign up for an online workspace? 

Most online workspaces allow you to sign up for a free trial to try general features and tools. Usually, you only need to follow the prompts on their website to begin the signup process. Take Kumospace, for example; click “Try for Free” to get started or schedule a demo.

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