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Forney Industries – What is it?

Forney Industries

Forney Industries is one of the eldest family-owned companies of tool, equipment, and accessory products in the United States.

Today, Forney offers thousands of metalworking products in four categories: welding, abrasives, personal protective equipment, and shop tools.

What are Forney Industries?

It secures trademark for green welding and plasma Cutting Machines:

Fort Collins, CO – Forney Industries proudly announces its federally registered trademark for environmentally friendly plasma cutting and welding machines.

The company sees it as a significant victory and a critical step in securing credit as a leader in the plasma cutting and welding category.

The Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company was founded in 1932 and introducing the first publicly available arc welder in the 1940s.

Asked to comment on expectations for Forney’s green machines, Steve Anderson, president and CEO explained.


  • “Our vision is that when people see Forney’s green technology, they understand that it represents a product that has been designing intentionally to meet the high expectations of our customers. Business. Has been championing since 1932.
  • We know our customers associate organic with quality and trust, as that has been our promise for nearly a century, and we are last to do so.”
  • The Forney Industries has worked tirelessly to secure this trademark, as the company wants Forney green to symbolize everything its products stand for.
  • Trust, reliability, and service. With the help of Forney’s Expert-Tech service team, Forney Industries has developing these top-of-the-line eco-friendly machines to reflect the quality and determination with which the company was founding in 1932.

Danielle Hillebrand, Executive Coordinator and Project Manager for Forney Industries. Was instrumental in securing this trademark. Hillebrand comments:

  • “For 90 years, Forney has evolved its brand to reflect the demands of its customers.
  • As per a result, our customers have come to count on the green machines we sell as quality. Value and lasting reliability indicators.
  • With this federal registration, Forney can continue to provide our customers with what they know. Recognizable green machines that will always exceed their expectations.”

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